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Ashitaba Leaves Tea

An elegant way to drink tea traditionally is now redefined. With ashitaba leaves tea, you will get not only got the freshness, but it also lowers cholesterol, reduce gout pain, and fix digestion.

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Did you know about Ashitaba?

A secret has been uncovered. All you need is almost found in one and only kind of plant. It is a treasure, the “King of Vegetables”. It is Ashitaba (Angelica Keiskei Koidzumi)

There are many health benefits associated with Ashitaba, from avoid cancer, rejuvenate your stamina, revitalizing your hair and Ashitaba also keeps degenerative diseases from occurring.

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Our Company

Green Natural Center® is a company, member of Ashitaba Trawas Industry (ATI), established as sole distributor for all products from Asahitaba Trawas Industry, Mojokerto, Indonesia at 2016.

With our own ashitaba plantation at Mt. Welirang,(about 26 Ha) Trawas, Indonesia,  we make sure to deliver pure ashitaba’s products to our customers. Ashitaba Trawas Industry® is growing company and a big supplier for many manufactures that use ashitaba’s extract as their pharmaceutical ingredients. Many studies indicated that Mt. Welirang soil is very suitable to bring out all ashitaba potentials.

Currently, we offer various products from ashitaba extract under “Green Natural Care™”. All products madre from natural organic ashitaba ranging from roots, stems, dan leaves. For your satisfaction, just look for ‘ATI logo’ on each product packaging to make sure that you get the genuine product. You can get the genuine products from any distribution line of Green Natural Center® only.

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My pain-gout symptom is gone

I suffered for several years when consuming foods containing peanuts and milk. The gout immediately recurrence. But now I am free, since I regularly drink ashitaba leaves tea


Bashier M.

This is unbelievable.

today I was surprised, knowing my balding hair began to look dim blackened. it will be hair that was trying to grow. thanks shamppo and tonic ashitaba


Mick A.

Has never been easy like this before!

After years, now I currently use only Ashitaba Root Oil to do massaging on my client. They feel comfort, warm, and very satisfy to this product.


Dan Thinkwater